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Raegan Vaughn is a New York City based actress born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She received her BFA at NYU from the New Studio on Broadway, where she nurtured her passion for musical theatre. While pursuing her degree, she also studied skills in TV and film at NYU Stonestreet. Raegan is a highly accomplished singer with a golden age/classical background, also specializing in contemporary musical theatre, pop/rock, folk, and jazz. 


As the eldest of three sisters and very much a Capricorn, Raegan is hardworking, curious and focused and enjoys looking at life with a naughty sparkle. She takes great pride in being there for her friends and family, and on any given day, entertains an overpriced matcha from a cute aesthetic coffee shop, walks in Central Park, thrifting, or discovering a fun pop up in the city.


Raegan has recently appeared in popular shows such as Law and Order, FBI and has collaborated with Disney Theatrical Group in various workshops and readings. Her goals, in no particular order, are: to get a cat (and most likely another cat), travel, go to a pottery- making class, play pickleball, and to be booked and blessed.

Raegan Vaughn, musical theater actress, fair skin, dressed in a lime green dress, big smile, glasses on her head, decretive columns behind her

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